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04th Agosto 2014
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These are the biggest questions of life
04th Agosto 2014
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shinee sherlock wardrobe close-up #1

04th Agosto 2014
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〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

12th Julio 2014
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I guess anything I say now would be pointless… When I saw you… I decided to follow you here to confirm whether or not what Danzō and Tobi told me was true or not. But that wasn’t the only reason… When I’m with you I remember the way it used to be. I remember tirme spent with the brother that I looked up to… that I loved. That’s why… The closer I get to you… The more I’m able to recall what those days felt like… And the more I’m able to understand you. The more I’m able to hate Konoha for the suffering they put you through. In fact, it’s becoming even stronger than before. I do understand what you want me to do. It’s probably because you’re my older brother that you feel the need to put me on the right path. But it’s probably because I’m your younger brother that I’ll never stop, no matter what you say. As you’ll always exist to protect the village… so will I to destroy it. Goodbye… brother 

Requested by Trinity

12th Julio 2014
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12th Julio 2014
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A butler’s mornings begin early

12th Julio 2014
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My jeans are finally finished :D

Had to sacrifice a few t-shirts though :/

12th Julio 2014
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how do you get this job

12th Julio 2014
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12th Julio 2014
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Bleach - Ichigo Hollow